Employee Scholarship

An Employee is eligible to apply for the Employee Scholarship after the employee has been employed in a TRS or ORP benefits eligible position at the College for a minimum of three consecutive calendar months immediately preceding the start of the semester for which the Employee Scholarship benefits will be applied. The Employee must stay within good academic standing (a minimum of 2.00 Grade Point Average and 60% completion rate) in order to be eligible. Applicants are ineligible if they are on academic probation, financial aid suspension, or disciplinary suspension. Additionally, applicants will be ineligible if they have any outstanding balances owed to the College or are currently in default with a federal or state loan. The Employee Scholarship is only available to cover less than 150 maximum attempted undergraduate hours and will only cover tuition and fees. Any applicant who is eligible for other scholarships or grants may only receive benefit for any tuition and fees owed after application of all other scholarships and grants. However, benefits will not be applied to any withdrawn or dropped courses or for any course in which the student receives an “F” or an “I”. Benefits for the Employee Scholarship funds are subject to the availability of specific funds in the college budget. Any employee applying for benefits under the Employee Scholarship Program must complete the Employee Scholarship Application.

Tuition and Fees
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please download the Employee Scholarship Certification form here, complete, sign and upload here.
  2. Please upload your tuition bill.
  3. Who is your Supervisor?
  4. Who is your Department's Vice President?